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Preventing Repairs with Effective Fridge Maintenance Tips for Indian Household

Maintaining your refrigerator properly is crucial for its longevity and efficiency, especially in a country like India where the climate can be hot and humid.

Here are some essential refrigerator maintenance tips:

Location Is Everything:

Keep your refrigerator away from direct sunlight, stoves, and heaters. Adequate ventilation surrounding the refrigerator promotes effective cooling and keeps the compressor from overworking.

Temperature Control: 

Set the fridge to roughly 3-4°C and the freezer to -18°C. These options strike a compromise between food preservation and energy efficiency.

Appropriate Loading:

Arrange objects to allow for proper ventilation. Overloading shelves might result in unequal cooling due to restricted airflow.

Door Seals Inspection:

Inspect the rubber door seals (gaskets) on a regular basis for cracks or corrosion. Proper seals keep heated air out and your refrigerator working effectively.

Cleaning Frequency: 

Clean the inside and exterior on a regular basis. Wipe out shelves and drawers with a little detergent. Dust and grime can have an impact on cooling performance.

Maintenance of Condenser Coils:

Vacuum or brush the condenser coils in the back or below the refrigerator. Dust buildup might limit efficiency.

Defrosting the Freezer: 

If your refrigerator does not have an automated defrost mechanism, defrost the freezer on a regular basis to prevent ice buildup, which reduces cooling performance.

Use It Wisely: 

Avoid opening the door repeatedly, as this lets warm air in and increases energy use.

Energy Efficiency:

Consider putting a basin of water in the refrigerator. This raises humidity, allowing your refrigerator to function more effectively and preventing overcooling.

Maintenance by professional

Regular maintenance by a competent technician from a fridge repair centre in Kolkata is essential for ensuring maximum operation and avoiding any problems. 

Consider the following factors when arranging a routine check-up to guarantee a comprehensive inspection: 

Select a trustworthy and professional appliance repair service. Look for feedback, testimonials, and a track record of providing dependable service.

Request a thorough check of all elements of the refrigerator. The compressor, condenser coils, evaporator fan, thermostat, defrost system, door seals, and general cooling performance are all checked. Ensure that the experts are certified and trained to operate on your specific make and type of refrigerator. Certified technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to successfully diagnose and treat issues.

What to ask them?

Inquire about routine maintenance practices you may perform on your own, such as cleaning coils, inspecting door seals, and properly packing the fridge. If any problems are discovered during the check-up, request a full estimate of the repair charges. This allows you to make more informed judgements regarding needed repairs. Discuss with the technician a recommended maintenance program based on the age, usage, and manufacturer’s instructions for your refrigerator. Inquire about any warranties or guarantees offered on the service. This provides peace of mind in the event that problems occur following the maintenance.


By taking these elements into account and explaining your expectations to the expert, you can guarantee that your refrigerator receives a complete and effective routine check-up, assisting in the maintenance of its performance, extending its lifespan, and preventing any problems.

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