Common Commercial AC Problems

5 Common Commercial AC Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Commercial buildings require well-operational and well-maintained utilities, including air conditioning systems. Many things may go wrong with a company’s management, but problems with the air conditioning system create a devastating situation always. Uncontrolled temperatures may keep away customers and prevent employee efficiency. 

To make you aware, here are five common commercial AC Problem that demand the assistance of a professional AC commercial repair in Kolkata.

The Most Common Problems With Commercial AC Systems


Bad Thermostats –

The thermostat must detect and regulate the indoor temperatures of buildings. When this vital piece of equipment fails, it can cause a slew of issues for anyone within the premises. Temperature fluctuations are one sign of a thermostat problem. Thermostat sensors in commercial buildings, on the other hand, are frequently more complicated than those in residential systems. Only a qualified and experienced AC technician has the skills and knowledge to resolve this issue promptly.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

The air filters in your cooling equipment function to remove dust, pollen, and other particles from the air that circulates through the systems. They prevent particles from entering your facility’s interior air by doing so. If the quality of your indoor air appears to be deteriorating, inspect the air filters in your HVAC system and replace them if they have become too dirty.

Unusual Noises –

If your commercial air conditioning system starts making strange sounds you have never heard before, or if the noises it normally produces become louder than usual, it might be an indication of a major issue. However, first ensure that the noises don’t exist due to loose components, loosened doors or access panels, or other items that generate rattling, or clattering noises. Squealing or screaming noises may indicate that a fan or other moving equipment needs lubrication. They can also signal that a fan belt should be replaced.

Internal crackling or smashing sounds in a gas furnace might indicate that gas is building up and burning off with a sound. This might ultimately become a major issue and should be solved as soon as possible by contacting a reputable center for AC commercial repair in Kolkata.

Water Leaks –

Troubles with the collecting box, heat exchanger, or evaporator are common causes of water leaking from a commercial air unit. If you see any water accumulation near the appliance, call a professional right away to examine and fix it to avoid blockages or breakage in the AC drain lines.

Loss of Efficiency –

Your energy cost may rise as the system works harder and more frequently to maintain the same temperature. If you see your company’s air conditioner losing effectiveness, please call a trained technician to inspect the unit immediately to diagnose and solve the problem.


Time is money in the corporate world. Thus, remember that emergency AC repairs can take longer and cost more than routine expert maintenance. To avoid the problem, try to schedule a routine AC maintenance service by contacting your nearby AC repair center right away!

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