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First introduced in Japan in 1982, the Dickin VRV system has taken over the world for more than three decades. Now, we have introduced the next generation VRV X system in Dykin to strengthen our industry leadership. While facilitating energy saving, comfort, and installation, the system now offers an extended lineup to meet a broad wide variety of needs. VRV X is the world's most advanced air conditioning system and ideal for large and small spaces. We, Roy Service center a leading VRV AC Repair center in Kolkata. Many people by asking this question, wrongly interpreted it as 2 different HVAC technologies. In fact, there are two different conditions for the same type of HVAC technology. Based on the inverter technology compressor, the first VRV HVAC system was invented by Dickins in the early 1980s. As a technologist of HVAC art, Dyson was registered as VRV term (which is the variable Refrigerant Volume 1) as an official trademark. All other companies use VRF (Variable Refrigerator Flow 2) for their similar HVAC system. Finally, the VRF will be more common words for this type of system, and the rest of this term will be used.

How does VRF HVAC work?
The VRF Operation Logic is fully built into the system and it owns ownership for each VRF manufacturer. The system receives inputs from and around the user and uses the best power costs, according to that data, it uses its logic for the desired comfort situation.The ability to adjust itself to outdoor conditions makes these systems more effective than conventional water cooling systems based on chillers and fan quails, which are one of the main reasons. VRV Home is an air conditioner solution which packages engineering and luxury together. An ideal solution to make your home a comfortable place without needing to cover many places. In contrast to a traditional split air conditioner solution, it does not require a dedicated outdoor unit with each insulating unit, but the unit controls multiple units instead of the external unit. It does not only provide power efficiency but also uses the space efficiently and does not make any trouble during installation.

Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC System is a relatively new technology developed by leading HVAC manufacturer Dykin in the world. The new VRV system offers higher levels of energy efficiency, as well as flexibility. They work quietly and provide full control over the environmental temperature. Although traditional HVAC systems are often limited to a condensing unit, one compressor and one exhausted limit, the virtual VRV system can be specially designed to meet the building requirements. One condensing unit can be attached to several evaporators, each one is individually controlled. In a traditional HVAC system, a system is very hot or cold when the system takes; However, a VRV system regularly adjusts the number of refrigerators transmitted to each airborne, and takes advantage of existing heat or cooler air in the building. The speed of this change can only be done by the system as necessary for each region to maintain the comfort level.

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