Cost of modular kitchen in Kolkata

Cost of modular kitchen in Kolkata

  • Nobody can say this perfect because the cost of a modular kitchen can vary

It is of two types – fully modular and semi-modular. The cost of modular kitchen in Kolkata always depends on your considered design. If you want to know about modular kitchen costs and facilities, then call us and get information about this service.

In the modular kitchen, the complete carcass and shutter are made in a factory and sent to the site for installation after which the stone (mostly granite) is installed. In a semi-modular kitchen, the stone is placed before the kitchen and therefore a complete corpse is not required to lift the weight. Most times in this module there will be no back and base and top. The two vertices will be joined by a horizontal strip of plywood instead of a full piece.

The carcass manufacturing method also changes in semi-modular kitchens and can affect the overall cost of modular kitchen in Kolkata.

Although there is no type of civil work involved with a fully modular kitchen – you give us a blank kitchen that has the necessary electrical and plumbing points – we will set you up the entire modular kitchen in 2-3 days. You can use it very easily and you can also take it and appoint it. We all get the best part of modular kitchen Kolkata with many ways to price. The product is manufactured in our premises using good quality material as per the market trends.

If you want to find out the cost of modular kitchen in Kolkata – then Roy Modular Kitchens is one of the best that offers a good price. call – 9804637518

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