Interior Designers & Decorators in Kolkata

Interior Designers & Decorators in Kolkata

What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating?

The decoration is something that you do externally but Interior designing is from every interior.

We decorate our house or office to make it beautiful and interior design also attracts our house. If we see, for us both are equal. Because we understand both these works of Roy Interior Decoration well and We have earned our name in interior designer and decorators in Kolkata.

If there is a wall, interior designing refers to different ways of constructing a wall, depending on one’s interest and the way it should be painted and meet other requirements, while the interior decoration is a type of decoration. That is done externally on the wall, such as a photo frame or something.

Interior Designers and Interior Decoration have mastered the art of interior decorating during their careers which helps in executing projects according to the client’s requirements.

Mostly, interior designers double as interior decorators, but the interior design reverse is not possible because you can’t fix it again after Like depends on the beauty and sensitivity of a person.

We focus on all interior design more than the customers. And carry out all requirements and activities to ensure successful completion.

Our Interior Designers & Decorators Kolkata team oversees all products and will ensure proper maintenance of all items needed for the interior. We are committed to always providing the best service to our customers even after the completion of the Roy Interior Decoration Project.

24/7 interior support service

Once you avail of the services of Roy Interior Decoration, we will be there to help you any time of the day or night. We offer round the clock after-sales services, so feel free to call us anytime, anywhere.

Reasonable price

Only the Roy interior decorations are the kind of wonder you’ll see – We provide original materials with very superior craftsmanship. And at very reasonable prices.


The warranty given by us is undoubtedly and unconditional. While the warranty on the material is definitely based on the time given by the company concerned. However, we will be available to you 24×7, 365 days of support. No conditions apply !!!


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