A leading washing machine service centre in New Town is one of the most essential in-house appliances. With a high-performance washing machine at home, you feel at ease with your laundry and you can do it without much emphasis. Washing machine not only helps to keep clothes clean but saves the hard work and time of washing clothes by hand. Breaking your washing machine may cause you pain. Our Services is one of the reputed washing machine service centers specialized in all types of washing machine services.

If you are looking for the best washing machine repair and service then the 24×7 service center is a one-stop destination in New Town, Kolkata so call of our technician and file your complaint then we solve your problem immediately. We always work closely with washing machine manufacturers and only implement original and reliable spare parts.

Ensuring commitment, reliability and excellent service

We ensure reliability and excellent service around Kolkata so that our customers get satisfaction from this service. Clients’ happiness is our first goal. That is why we perform this service properly by our best technician. We provide our complete washing machine service centre in New Town. So that if you search for a washing machine service near me, then you can contact us and we can fix the whole washing machine problem.

We strive to build a lifelong relationship with customers and thus provide excellent service throughout Kolkata. The expertise of our technicians and their hard work have strengthened our client’s trust. The washing machine service centre in New Town competes with a team of 24 professionals at your doorstep at a reasonable price for your washing machine service.

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