Roy Home Appliances provide the best washing machine service centre in Kolkata and we have been providing this service with more than 10 years of experience in Kolkata. Our experts are able to solve all the problems of the washing machines, such as washing machine servicing, washing machine cleaning and filter cleaning, fully automatic washing machine service, front load washing machine service, installation of the washing machine, etc.

Our fastest and most reliable technician

Our expert team provides the fastest and most reliable services for any type of model washing machine in Kolkata.

Every customer satisfaction is experienced by this truth of our technician and honesty. We take care of your washing machine after servicing and do our best to bring it to the best conditions. So next time, if your washing machine gives you trouble, call us immediately and we will provide you immediate service.

Common problems in all Washing Machine

Washing Machine Service Centre in Kolkata

With proper maintenance of the washing machine, you will get a warranty for one year. But you are lucky that we are with you for 24 hours. You do not have to worry about any washing machine service centre in Kolkata of your brand. We are just behind a phone call; just call us for the service and maintenance of your washing machine and for any unique services.

Only Roy Home Appliances takes responsibility to fix your problem in making a washing machine at your home. We carry out installation, washer repair, motor repair, gearbox change and repair, one of only Roy service centre repair for any of your brand washing machines in Kolkata at your convenience.

Some of the common problems of washing machines in Kolkata that we specialize in fixing

  • Washer spin problem
  • Washer shaking very hard
  • Leaking water from the washer
  • Washer or dryer not running, etc.

Why choose Roy Home Appliances for Washing Machine Repair in Kolkata?

At Roy Home Appliances, we strive to provide the best repairs and services to our customers. We import every call of the customer and we believe that a single call of our customer is like a mission for us and efforts are made to resolve this issue in a single visit. We request the customer to enjoy the service at a low fee from your washing machine service centre in Kolkata.

A call from technical support is answered within 24 hours of your complaint in just one hour of filing your complaint.

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