Many people use microwave ovens in this busy life today. It is a good option for cooking delicious food as well as quick-cooking. Our microwave oven service center is the most popular in Kolkata. Our Microwave Oven Service Centers in Chandni Chowk provide information for both repair and service. Contact us if you have any need for information about microwaves.

Our Roy Home appliances company gives you a demo for microwave service first, so that they have no doubt to get service from us, many people have many doubts about how to use the microwave. They want to know what food can be cooked, what is the correct temperature to set the microwave oven and the correct timer to set. At this time our Roy home appliances tell you the right solution.

These are common doubts that customers ask us. This is why we see demos to customers and it is good for them and it will allow them to use the oven easily. If you want a Microwave Oven Service centre then contact our  Microwave Oven Service Centers in Chandni Chowk.

How to we work in our microwave oven service centre

We provide service for all brand microwave ovens across Kolkata and this has been our strength. We never worry about any place, wherever your location is, we reach you on time, when you contact us without any worry and once the complaint is registered in our  Microwave Oven Service Centers in Chandni Chowk, our technician will give you Will call back on your behalf.

Then we provide you a quick diagnosis of all errors and problems. Sometimes we get stuck in a microwave oven service and then we have to change sometime. But still, we have enough technicians available so that our customer does not suffer any kind of harm. This is an important issue for us.

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