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We are dealer distributor, installer, and repair and service provider for Logicool cassette AC Repair in Kolkata. We are one of the most notable authorized dealer, distributor and installation service providers of all branded air conditioners and air conditioning units and systems. Once installed, a Logicool cassette type air conditioning system will completely control the environment inside your Home or office. Roy Service center Stock and High Quality Logicool Cassette AC Service on a professional standard.

Our technically advanced systems consist of two main components - one internal and one external unit. The interior unit airs out of the room and pulls it out through the outer unit. This allows for a continuous fresh atmosphere which is free from odor, dust and other air pollutants. Fresh air is pumped back into the room at hot or cold temperatures to change the 'old' air and the room is kept on the desired climates.

We will optimize a roof Logicool cassette AC repair in Kolkata system around your needs, so contact Roy Service center today for further details and complete building evaluation. We provide sealing Logicool cassette AC service center in Kolkata. We have the necessary technology and experienced engineers to provide first-class service to our customers, who are at the forefront of all our work.

Our aim is to deliver the highest adjustment service, highest quality products and specialist installation techniques for the benefit of all our customers in Kolkata. If you need an air conditioning system for your business, then we are a company that can find solutions according to the unique features of your Logicool Cassette AC. We supply a wide and diverse range of products to leading manufacturers so that all of our customers get very good results from our service.

Our progress in the industry is surrounded by the expansion of our professional services in air conditioning and refrigeration - there are two important aspects in achieving optimum stay and working environment. If you are looking for specialist Logicool Cassette AC repair contractors, whose foundation is deeply rooted in the industry, then contact our Logicool Cassette AC service center in Kolkata. Our company is leading to providing air conditioning repair service to customers. We use the latest equipment. We offer this service with the help of sophisticated machine. In order to meet customer's requirements, we love working closely with them.


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Our Roy Service center provides professional assessments and checks on all types of air conditioning systems through regular servicing and maintenance. Our Logicool cassette maintenance service provides customers with a continuous evaluation of their systems at regular intervals throughout the year. We have skilled engineers who will fully evaluate your system and work on better performance where necessary. All our engineers know how to diagnose the smallest problem and correct them before the situation progresses. They will continue to work on your system with maximum efficiency.Our Logicool cassette AC service in Kolkata is provided with you - we will personalize your visits to your daily activities so that you do not have any inconvenience from our expert work. If you are in Kolkata and need Logicool cassette AC repair, then contact us today.

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